BrazosWiFi has coverage in:
  • Kurten
  • Wixon (Wickson)
  • Saddle Ridge (Coleman St.)
  • Oak Lake Rd
  • Sagebrush
  • Shirley Rd.
  • Tejas Loop
  • Fawn Lakes
  • North County Estates
  • Hearne Rd.
  • Whitetail Run *NEW*
  • Castenson Rd *NEW*
  • Deerfield Estates *NEW*
  • Hwy 30 *NEW*

If you are not in our coverage area but know of sufficient demand, reach out to us and we will consider building out in your direction.


  • Green: Likely can get coverage with a rooftop mount
  • Dark Green: Possible coverage depending on trees and/or terrain
  • Yellow Circles: Areas that are candidates for expansion if there is sufficient demand
P.O. Box 163
Kurten, TX 77862